Who are we?

Welcome to La Paloma Restaurante, a small, family owned and operated restaurant in the heart of the quaint city of Vista, CA. Our goal is to provide you, our patrons, with a unique and innovative early California dining experience at an affordable price.

We promise to strive for superior excellence and freshness in all of our ingredients. Our quest is not only to be consistant, but exceptional, in the type and style of cuisine we present you.

It is our hope that when you choose one of our many exciting and imaginative dishes, it will not only tantalize your taste buds but also provide you with an adventure into Southwest Mexican dining that you will find nowhere else. Instead, you will discover at La Paloma, gourmet delights the likes of which we feel confident in saying will tease your palate and delight your eye! We like to think of our incredibly uunique cruisine as “gastronomical magic”! We think you will, too.

Innovation, consistancy, highest food quality, service excellence, charming rancho atmosphere, and exceptional value for your dollar; this we vow to deliver to you, our guests, from the La Paloma family team!